Everything about alkaline diet

When we have the excess intake of protein, sugar, caffeine and all kinds of processed foods, the pH level of our body will become disrupted, our body will become addicted to lead to weight gain and illness. The most effective medicine for losing weight is by eating fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and all kinds of other alkaline foods. Learn how to prepare the food well, go to get dr sebi food list.

Simply talk, the food we consume and absorbed by the body will make the pH level soaring that will break all types of diet that we apply. The basic theory of dietary alkaline is the body becomes an easy target of the disease if it is acidic. Therefore, we need alkaline foods that can maintain a pH balance in the blood.

The ‘acid’ property is obtained when the pH is less than 7, whereas ‘base’ means to contain a pH of more than 7. The ideal pH level for the body is 7.35-7.45, ie a bit of alkaline. The workings of this diet program is to balance the pH to optimal levels, then build the cells and tissues, so the body becomes healthy. With this diet, it also has to do detoxification (removal of toxins from the body), so that the body’s cells can function properly.

Then, what are other alkaline diet advantages for the health of the body?

There is good news for alkaline food lovers. Basically, alkaline diets are based on all types of foods that refuse extra sugar so it is very good for your weight and your health. Well, people who eat balanced nutritious foods and diet vegetables and vegetables, also indicated minimal risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

In addition, an alkaline diet that carries fresh vegetable and fruit intake is also shown to minimize the risk of certain types of cancer. About weight, an alkaline diet that consumes wheat and fruit and vegetables will keep your caloric intake balanced.