AC Low Watt Facts & Myths

Speaking of air conditioning, surely every AC user at home wants the electricity costs not to swell up because of this air conditioner aircon repair singapore. New technology in the form of low-wattage AC or energy-saving air conditioning is one of the breakthroughs that are considered to reduce the cost of electricity at home.

With a slight adjustment and innovation of the standard AC, low-wattage air conditioning is in great demand because it gives the impression that the electrical energy used must be minimal and automatically reduces the expense of electricity. But is that true? In this article, Arjuna Electronics will fully discuss the facts and myths about low-wattage AC so you do not get the wrong choice of air conditioner that suits you best. Also, do not forget the selection of the best air conditioning repair services like our aircon repair singapore which will help you in repairing air conditioner in your home with affordable cost and quality service.

First of all, we will explore the full use of low-wattage AC. Low wattage air conditioners are commonly used in homes with a somewhat low electric power of at least 900 watts. If the pull of standard AC power consumption reaches up to 800 watts, then for low wattage AC is estimated at only half of the standard AC is about 350-400 watts only. Although the principle of how it works the same, there is a difference between low-wattage AC with AC standard, namely in the compressor. In low-wattage AC, the compressor uses smaller electric power but must strengthen the performance of the fan in the outdoor unit. Because the compressor is low-power, then the compressor automatically has to work longer to cool the room. Thus, the desired temperature will only last longer than the standard AC. Based on the logic, then the longer it takes longer than not necessarily low wattage AC will be more efficient.