Identify the Type and Function of Eye Lashes As Needed

Besides eyebrows, eyelashes also like a frame that affects facial makeup. When makeup is not complete if your eyelashes not on fleek. However, makeup mascara alone is not enough. If you want a perfect appearance, use false eyelashes to perfect. As you know, eyelashes not only one kind. Therefore, know in advance what kinds of false eyelashes or false eyelashes according to your needs. Sometimes the question arises is do eyelashes grow back? Yes, it is. There are several ways you can do. Discover a variety of ways by visiting our website.

– Natural Lashes
The volume level of false eyelashes is medium and finer. Not too dramatic and more suitable for use in daylight, used for everyday life.

– Individual Lashes
False eyelashes are suitable for display lashes more volume, thickness and width. Maybe put it requires a longer time because they have to put it up one by one and be careful with the glue used.

– Full or one-length lashes
If you are looking for false eyelashes thick texture and dramatic, this is ideal. For a more spectacular look at night, you can count on false eyelashes with this form.

– Long-short length lashes
The tip of this kind of false eyelashes have a tip on one side short and one long side again. False eyelashes with this shape will give the impression of glamour and most suitable for a party.

But you need to consider that you can not use false eyelashes 24 hours a day. So what should you do to make your stay nice eyelashes without the need to use false eyelashes? The answer is, The Idol Lash. Serum containing olive oil can help the growth of your lashes so your lashes will still look heavy and too long without having to use false eyelashes.