Watch This Before Doing a High Fat Diet

A high-fat diet because it is thought to be more healthful, and most importantly, can be an effective, efficient, and fun way to lose weight. Ketogenic diets and macro diets for example. Both are recommended experts as a healthy diet. However, not all experts agree. Keto diet is a diet pattern of high-fat and moderate protein, with very low carbohydrate content, even almost nothing. In essence, no matter how much fat you eat, as long as no sugar and carbohydrates are added, is not a problem. Because to be burned is fat in the form of ketones produced in the liver. Visit our website and find out more about thomas delauer product.

While the macro diet, it is considered flexible because you can eat anything fatty. The condition, aimed at optimizing nutrition (protein, fat, carbohydrates), and in accordance with the macro needs and the number of your daily calories, there are special calculations. But the problem, it turns out not all experts agree. There are some experts who debate the bad effects of eating high-fat foods. Includes the tendency of people who often do not consistently apply the diet. Therefore, the average high-fat diet relies on individual awareness in applying a good diet.

Consider the following health consequences, before running a particular health trend with a high-fat diet.

– Insulin resistance

Researchers in Germany recently studied 14 healthy participants after being fed foods cooked with palm oil – known to be high in saturated fats. The result, although once consumed a high-fat diet, it was reduced insulin sensitivity. Even fat is stored in the liver, which is a risk of triggering the liver disease.

– Telomere retracts

Telomeres are structures on chromosomes. The longer the telomere, the longer you age, and vice versa. In a study of about 2,000 Finnish women and men, people who consumed most butter had the shortest telomeres, while those who ate the most had the longest telomeres.

– Removing bacterial toxins

Bacteria contain harmful endotoxins. When released into the bloodstream, it can cause obesity and other diseases. In a study of healthy volunteers, one food high in saturated fat can release endotoxin. While eating vegetables and sea oil does not cause such release.

– Blood clots

Blood clotting is an important factor in heart attack, stroke, and pulmonary embolism. Healthy people who eat high fat tendency of blood coagulation increases, even immediately visible.