Reasons Why You Should Use Condoms During Sex Relationships

Many men are reluctant to buy condoms and use it when having sex because it is believed to reduce the pleasure. But there are actually 3 reasons why someone should use a condom. There are various reasons that make people lazy to use condoms, for men are afraid to reduce the sensation and bother wearing them. While many women are still shy ask their partner to wear condoms. For that, there is a separate homework for producers in finding out how to make condoms as a safe tool in having sex without having to lower the sensation.

Although often underestimated, but there are 3 things that become the reason why someone should use condoms during sex, namely:

1. To control birth so as to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

2. To protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases or sexually transmitted infections.

3. As an additional protector or reserve of other birth methods used

This is because condoms are a method of contraception or birth control (even for sterilization) that can be obtained easily and have a level of effectiveness of almost 100 percent. We recommend condoms as an effective method to maximize protection from unwanted pregnancies and also protect against sexually transmitted infections.

Most people who have sexually transmitted infections do not know that they are infected. This condition because of the absence of symptoms that appear so unwittingly he can transmit the infection to others. To get maximum benefit, condoms should be used properly and appropriately. Try to always check the expiry date and put a condom on the penis before sexual contact with a partner. Another important thing is to use condoms in accordance with the size because if too small or large can reduce the effectiveness of protection, and use a new condom every time you have sex (do not be used repeatedly).